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Aries New Moon – April 10 2013 – Love and Passion renewal / fresh start

New Moon April 2013

New Moon April 2013

The New Moon on Wednesday, the 10th of April, 2013 is at 20 degrees Aries. The focus is most definitely on relationships with this New Moon near Venus and Mars. This is the final new moon phase in an eclipse cycle which began in November 2012. As we move through the final month of this eclipse cycle, the urgency to resolve major issues increases.  Love relationships have been a major theme of recent moon phases because Venus has been within a few degrees of the Sun for the last month. Any relationships issues that have been building in recent months can now be successfully resolved thanks to this lovers New Moon.

New Moon April 2013 Astrology

Men and women are each represented by two things in astrology. The Sun and Mars are masculine. The Moon and Venus and feminine. For same sex relationships, the masculine would relate to the more dominate partner. You can see in the chart below that the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars are all together withing a few degrees in Aries. So there is no question that this new moon is all about relationships. Asteroid Valentine ♥ (447) even joins in to reinforce the issue end a helping hand.

The Sun and Moon together at a New Moon means a burst of energy to make a new start. In this case, it is one final chance to kick start floundering relationships or to start a new relationships. Venus bring in an increased need for companionship, love and affection. Mars increases those Venus desires for love and also fires up passions and sexual desires. Another affect of Mars is to give urgency and more desire to address relationships issues, to fix things, to start things, to take action.

The solar eclipse of November 2012 started a rather challenging eclipse phase for many relationships. On a toxic star and with Mercury retrograde square Neptune, it has been causing uncertainty and confusion, jealousy and suspicion. Relationships have been poisoned. Recent moon phases have been evolving the story. This New Moon is where it all gets sorted out.

The green line in the chart from the New Moon to the previous solar eclipse is a quincunx. The aspect of karmic adjustment. It links what is happening in relationships now back to what started late last year. It adds to the urgency, the tension rises and it must be released. This buildup is another factor helping us to resolve the karmic relationships issues.

More karmic tension comes from Saturn retrograde quincunx Uranus. Saturn wants things to keep things the same for security reasons, but Uranus wants to shake things up and head in a new direction. I think the overall chart is saying that the tension can only be resolved by making a new start. For some relationships which have been in trouble over recent month, this new moon gives the chance for a clean break. Venus and Mars with the new moon should make it easier with no hard feelings. The karmic reasons for coming together have been cleared up and both partner can move on in better shape than when when they started.

For other relationships which have been struggling lately, this new moon can inject renewed love and passion. The resolving of some karmic tension means that differences can be put aside and a new course is set. For others who have been testing the waters lately, this new moon has all the ingredients to embark on a very sweet passionate journey. Any hesitation or indecision should be swept aside as you fall head over heals in love. The April 25 Lunar Eclipse in a couple of weeks time finishes up the current eclipse cycle. It does point to some hardships but also hope of a happy ending.

New Moon April 2013 Horoscope

New Moon April 2013 Astrology

New Moon April 2013 Horoscope


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